Four shaft shredder

Four shaft shredder

FZ series shredders have various functions and advantages.They fit for shredding plastic drums,plastic bottles,household waste,Hazardous waste materials etc...
The bottom of the shredder can be equipped with a screen according to customer requirements,it can control the discharge material size in order to meet customer’ s subsequent use.
The reducer and spindle are connected by German standard DIN5480, it has features of simple dis-assembly, large and stable transmission torque, safe and reliable operation.
The main electric parts adopt the international brand such as Schneider,Siemens and ABB,so as to ensure the stable operation of the shredding system.

Product Advantages


Rotor blades made from high alloy wear-resistant steel,reusable by changing their angles. Adjustable stator blades with extensive application advantages of adjusting blade space.Rotor made of bead welding and wearing layer processing with the merit of long-life shredding very hard & wear-resistant material


Chamber is made of thickening-processed, the bottom plate is subjected to cyclic impact and does not deform when the material is fed.The bottom is provided with dust collection device,ensure long-term stable operation of internal parts of the equipment.


Various screens can be chosen for different shredding requirements and materials. To keep operator safe,machine will be automatically shut down when the screen is opened


Smart hydraulic control,when fragile materials are shredded,oil cylinder will run at the best speed.When hard materi- als are shredded,pushing speed will automatically become slow to keep rotor from being overloaded. Every hydraulic station is equipped with cooling system to ensure equipment can stably run for a long time.High power motor equipped with fluid coupling, starting stably, overload protection power element.Gearbox safety factor is above grade 2.0


The spindles are made of forged CrMo alloy after tempering, maximize the intensity of working. Bearings, oil seals etc... are used by well-known brands.The gearbox connected with the main shaft adopts German DIN5480 stan- dard,ensure smooth and reliable transmission.


The blade adopts forged CrMoV high alloy tool steel.It is made from quenching, tempering, machining, demagne- tization and other processes.So the blade is durable and can design the blade structure or adjust the blade mate- rial according to the customer's requirements, so as to effectively reduce the cost of use


The mainframe box is welded with thickened steel plate.After post weld stress relief treatment,solid and durable


The safety factor of Gear box is more than 2.0 to ensure the stable operation of reducer under various working conditions.



Specifications - Technical Data

Four shaft shredder ( Medium type )

Model Blade diameter (mm) Main shaft speed (rpm) Blade thickness (mm) Blade quantity (pcs) Cutting chamber (mm) Motor power (kw) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
FZ 9080 Φ290 15~25 25 32*2 900*800 18.5*2 2400*1550*2500 4700
FZ 90100 Φ290 15~25 25 40*2 900*1000 18.5*2 2600*1550*2500 5000
FZ 100100 Φ320 15~25 40 25*2 1000*1000 22*2 2900*1700*2800 6600
FZ 100120 Φ320 15~25 40 30*2 1000*1200 22*2 3100*1700*2800 7100
FZ 100140 Φ320 15~25 40 35*2 1000*1400 22*2 3300*1700*2800 7600

Four shaft shredder ( Heavy type )

Model Blade diameter (mm) Main shaft speed (rpm) Blade thickness (mm) Blade quantity (pcs) Cutting chamber (mm) Motor power (kw) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
FZ 130120 Φ430 10~15 50 24*2 1300*1200 30*2+15*2 4100*2000*3100 15600
FZ 130140 Φ430 10~15 50 28*2 1300*1400 30*2+15*2 4300*2000*3100 16000
FZ 130160 Φ430 10~15 50 32*2 1300*1600 30*2+15*2 4500*2000*3100 17000
FZ 160160 Φ510 10~15 50 32*2 1600*1600 45*2+30*2 4800*2300*3600 22500
FZ 160180 Φ510 10~15 50 36*2 1600*1800 45*2+30*2 5000*2300*3600 23700
FZ 160200 Φ510 10~15 50 40*2 1600*2000 45*2+30*2 5200*2300*3600 25000

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