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PEV type Jaw Crusher

PEV type Jaw Crusher

The PEV crusher machine is mainly composed of jaw guard, moving jaw plate, fixed jaw plate, side guard, frame, main base, toggle plate, spring, toggle plate pad, discharge adjustment device, eccentric shaft, bearing, pulley (flywheel) and starting system, locking device and lubrication system.
The frame is welded with steel plates. The fixed jaw plate is composed of the upper and lower fixed jaw plates and the middle section fixed jaw plate. the adjustment device adopts the wedge adjustment type, and the wedge can be moved left and right in the back wall chute of the frame; By rotating the rotary nut of the adjustment device, the left and right movement of the wedge is driven, so that the size of the discharge port is adjusted.



Product Advantages


The symmetrical V-shaped crushing chamber maximizes the size, output and crushing ratio of the feed inlet, and increases the output by more than 30% compared with the traditional crusher.


The selection of integral bearing housing, larger size bearings and quenched and tempered alloy spindles makes the crusher have greater bearing capacity and longer service life.


The discharge port adopts "wedge adjustment device", which is simpler and more reliable to adjust.


The motor is installed on the crusher frame, which effectively reduces the installation space of the crusher and prolongs the life of the V-belt.


No anchor bolt installation method, the rubber damping block that comes with the equipment can effectively absorb the vibration of the equipment and reduce the load transmitted to the foundation


Airproof structure of main axle end avoids oil leaking.

Application Industry

PEV type Jaw Crusher

Working Principle

The crushing method of PEV series jaw crusher is curved extrusion type. When working, the motor drives the pulley, and swings up and down through the eccentric shaft, and when the movable jaw rises, the movable jaw plate approaches the fixed jaw plate, and at the same time the material is crushed by multiple crushing, such as extrusion, rubbing, and rolling; When the moving jaw goes down, the moving jaw leaves the fixed jaw plate under the action of the return spring, and the broken material is freely discharged from the discharge port under the action of gravity. With the continuous transmission of the motor to crush the motorized jaw for periodic crushing and discharging, mass production is realized.


Specifications - Technical Data

Model Max.feeding size (mm) discharge adjusting size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Motor (kW) Dimension size 
Weight (t)
 PEV500×750  425  45-150  45-107  45-55  3100×1980×2290  12
 PEV600×900  510  75-180  100-200  55-75  3450×2360×2780  17
 PEV750×1100  640  80-190  140-320  90-110  3750×2580×3180  26
 PEV860×1100  730  100-200  200-500  110-132  4870×2850×3170  32
 PEV900×1200  760  100-220  220-600  110-132  3500×2850×3290  48
 PEV1000×1200  850  150-300  280-750  132-160  4700×2930×3460  52

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