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VGM Grinding Mill

VGM Grinding Mill

The VGM mill is improved base on the traditional high pressure mill, adopts vertical shaft classifier, perfectly satisfies the production demands of the customers on 200-33μm (80-400Mesh) fine powder.

Applications: Putty powder, double fly powder, paint, coating, highway powder, power plant desulfurization powder, plastic filling, toothpaste, paper making, etc.;

Product Advantages


High capacity: The output of this kind of mill is 30% higher than the Raymond mill.


the mainframe adopts buffering device, the mainframe cover barrel structure is optimized design, stable operation, low noise; main body and classifier adopt quick-change pressing device, easy to maintenance.


Longer service life for wearing parts. The grinding roll and ring are made of special alloy. Generally, their service life is more than one year, but in certain condition which could up to over 3 years, like when it processes calcium carbonate and Calcite.


The classifier adopts a squirrel-cage cone turbine classifier, and the particle size of the finished product is adjusted within 80-400 mesh.


The air duct adopts the arc-shaped non-resistance air duct design to reduce wind resistance, reduce air volume loss, and make the material flow in a good direction, thereby increasing the powder selection rate of the classifier.


The grinding roller device adopts a new maintenance-free structure with reliable sealing. Its bearings are lubricated with oil, low oil consumption, low maintenance costs.


with Large shovel, the blade is made of alloy steel, extremely durable.


The mill is controlled by VFD, which can be adjusted easily according to different material working conditions to achieve low noise, low equipment power consumption, stable operation and low equipment loss.


equipped with pulse dust collector to realize a dust-free workshop

Application Industry

VGM Grinding Mill


Specifications - Technical Data

Model Grinding roller
Grinding roller
Grinding ring
Motor power(KW) Maximum feed size (mm) Fineness of finished Powder (mm) Processing capacity (t/h)
Main Mill Blower Classifier
(VFD )
VGM9720 3 Φ320x220 Φ970x220 45 37 15 20 1.6-0.045 up to 0.038 in fineness 1.5-7.5
VGM1280 4 Φ370x240 Φ1280x240 75 55 22 20 2-10
VGM1300 4 Φ410x280 Φ1300x280 110 90 22 20 3-15
VGM1620 4 Φ450x300 Φ1620x300 160 132 30 30 5-20
VGM1850 4 Φ510x300 Φ1850x300 220 160 37 30 6-28
VGM1900 4 Φ600x300 Φ1900x300 250 185 45 35 8-32
VGM2200 4 Φ600x300 Φ2200x300 315 280 45 35 12-40

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