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Roller crusher installation and maintenance (a)

2018-07-07 / admin

Roller crusher is a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used in crushing ore processing. Roller crusher is a key piece of mechanical equipment that can not be lacking in crushing and processing of limestone, dolomite and calcite. It is broken in ore. It has a very important role in the processing and operation process. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional ore crushing and processing machinery and equipment manufacturer. Here we talk about the installation and maintenance of the roller crusher.

The installation of the roller crusher requires special attention. The premise of the normal operation of the roller crusher is correct, scientific and safe installation. Joyal here and everyone talk about the need to pay attention to the roller crusher during the installation process. problem. How to do some preparatory work before the normal start of the roller crusher is very important. Before installation, the entire equipment should be thoroughly inspected, calibrated and cleaned, and there should be no damage or missing parts.

If the roller crusher equipment is installed on an uneven foundation, the frame of the crusher will be distorted, resulting in deterioration of the gear working condition and shortened service life. In order to cushion the vibration of the crusher to the structure of the plant, it can be used in the roller crusher. The cushion between the crusher frame and the structural beam of the plant is padded with wooden mats to provide vibration isolation. Since the motor frame and the crusher frame are not integral, the height and parallelism of the two frames should be paid attention to during installation. The axis of the shaft should be parallel to the centerline of the shaft.

The spring of the roller crusher safety device must have a certain amount of preload, which should be adjusted according to the requirements of the crusher and the broken material. For the two springs, the spring tension should be the same during normal operation; Evenly, when installing the feeding equipment, the raw material should be fed into the entire width of the crusher's tooth roll, which can reduce the wear of the roller crusher.

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