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Company News

JOYAL Suggestion on the maintenance of the roller crusher

2018-07-31 / admin

The roller crusher is a large-scale crushing and processing machinery for ore. Before the crusher crushes the ore and other materials, it needs a correct and scientific installation of the roller crusher. In the above, Shanghai JOYAL Mining Machinery is a professional ore. The manufacturer of processing machinery and equipment has already briefly mentioned the installation precautions of the roller crusher. Here, Joyal continues to supplement the problems of the roller crusher during the installation process.

Everyone should pay attention to whether the roller crusher should be checked on the ground or the floor, and the dynamic load factor can generally be 6~8 times of the total mass of the equipment. Then the basic bolts and equipment parts of the roller crusher need to be proofread. Dimensions; hard square or rubber sheets are placed between the frame and the concrete foundation or floor beams to reduce the load vibration of the body to the foundation. After finding the rack, it can be fixed with bolts.

Install the driven tooth roller moving frame, fix the driven tooth roller, then tighten the wire nut with a wrench, and press the spring. When the body enters the mineral that is difficult to break, force the spring to compress and move the driven tooth roller to move backward. Large two-toothed roller gap to exclude minerals; the left and right sets of springs on the moving frame have the same degree of compression, and the difference must not exceed ±2mm.

At the time of installation, care must be taken that the teeth of one of the toothed rollers in the roller crusher should be placed in the middle of the teeth of the other toothed roller, that is, at the intersection of the object lines of the four teeth of the other toothed roller; After the roller is installed, the curved end of the two-foot roller tooth should be the same, and the two-tooth roller should not have axial sway. The gap between the toothed bush and the meshing gap of each tooth roll are corrected as required.

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