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How to Reduce Jaw Plate Wear

2018-06-29 / admin

The ore crusher is a mechanical device used for ore crushing processing. Ore crusher commonly used ore crusher jaw crusher, impact crusher and hammer crusher, cone crusher ore crushing Processing machinery and equipment, these ore crushers are used to crush parts of the ore will appear wear parts, of which the wear is more serious is the ore crusher wearing parts, jaw crusher is crusher plate jaw crusher Important wearing parts. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery here and everyone to talk about how to reduce jaw crusher crush plate wear.

Everyone should pay attention to the crusher jaw crusher plate design, the crushing plate of the jaw crusher and the clam crest breaker should be on the tooth valley. In this way, when the material is broken, in addition to the extrusion effect, there is also a bending effect, and the material is relatively easy to break. To extend the life of the breaker plate, the breaker plate sized crusher is designed to vertically symmetrical shape, the lower rear portion can turn around used wear; a large jaw crusher crushing plate designed to be symmetrical to each other pieces, so that the wear is Replace the crush plate.

 Jaw crusher crush plate assembly has a great impact on the crush plate, crush plate assembly must be firmly attached to the jaws, between the two should be flat. Soft metal is used as a spacer between the crush plate and the jaw plate and fastened with bolts. When the crusher, crushing board there should be no loosening, or easily broken or worn broken board, reduce the life of broken plate.

The crushing plate directly interacts with the material and has a large crushing force. In particular, when crushing a material with a high hardness, the vibration of the bolt for installing the crushing plate and the looseness of the nut cause the crush plate to wear out and generate a great noise. Severe crushing or breaking off the plate making equipment downtime, affecting the normal production. Users need to be addressed in a timely manner such cases problems occur jaw crusher failure to timely jaw crusher plate repair.

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