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Hydraulic ore crusher cleaning problem

2018-06-15 / admin

No matter what kind of machinery and equipment are used for a long time, inflexibility and failure will occur. The same applies to mechanical equipment used for crushing ore. As a special machinery and equipment for ore crushing and processing, how to carry out inspection and cleaning of cone crusher is a question worth pondering. If the cone crusher wants to guarantee a long service life, it must pay attention to the cleanliness of the equipment itself after use. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery and everyone talk about the cleanliness of the cone crusher.

The cone crusher has the advantages of strong production capacity, convenient operation, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. As the main equipment in the sand production line, it does not guarantee that the internal cleaning is clean, it is difficult to ensure a good sand making effect. And for a long time, the cone crusher will also cause a certain amount of corrosion, thereby affecting its production efficiency, so Joyal reminds the operator to perform cleaning and maintenance after each production.
The majority of users will find that after the use of hydraulic ore crusher machinery and equipment for some time, there will be some debris and lubricants stuck together, it is very difficult to remove. This will not only produce a series of damage to the crushing equipment, but also greatly reduce the sand production efficiency of the entire sand production line. Therefore, it must be resolved in time.

Joyal reminded everyone that regular cleaning of hydraulic crusher equipment is essential. After all, no one wants to stop the hydraulic ore crusher when it suddenly breaks down. This will have a huge impact on the entire gravel production line, so it's always good to be preventive. Hopefully, everyone can take care of some of the maintenance issues of hydraulic ore crushers.

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