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The choice of ore crusher lubricants

2018-04-13 / admin

Ore crusher is a mechanical equipment used for ore crushing processing. Jaw crusher, impact crusher and hammer crusher are key ore processing machines that are indispensable for ore crushing processing. Everybody knows that crusher It is used for the crushing of ores. Therefore, the same ore used to crush the ore during the crushing of the ore by the ore crusher is also very large, so lubrication is very important for the crusher.

Shanghai Joyal  Mining Machinery is a professional manufacturer of ore processing machinery and equipment. Joyalhere and everyone to talk about the ore crusher lubricants in the selection process which need to pay attention to matters. In the winter, when there is the possibility of solidification of dry oil, lube oil can be added to 20% of the car lubricant for lubrication. The lubrication of all contact surfaces must be comprehensive and uniform. However, the degree of lubricating oil in the rolling bearing housing should not exceed 50-70% of its volume.
According to the operating conditions of the ore crusher, the oil can be filled once every 1-2 days, and it is better to change the oil every quarter. At the same time, the bearings were thoroughly cleaned and checked. Practice has proved that the ability to replace lubricants on schedule can extend the service life of bearings and other parts of the ore crusher.
The dilute oil lubrication system of the ore crusher should pay attention to the return oil temperature not to be higher than 600 degrees, and the normal temperature in the oil tank should be controlled at 35-50°C. When the oil temperature of the ore crusher lubricant is too high, water cooling measures should be taken and the water pressure should be lower than the oil pressure by 0.5 atmosphere. When the pressure difference between the front and rear of the oil filter exceeds 0.40 atmosphere, the filter should be cleaned.

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