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Ore crusher rack wear problem

2018-03-30 / admin

The ore crusher is very important for the crushing of ore in the gravel production line. The ore crushers commonly used in gravel production lines include jaw crushers, impact crushers, hammer crushers, and roll crushers. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery here and everyone to talk about the fracture of the ore crusher problems how to normal recovery.

Ore crusher rack, if it is a combination of racks, mostly profile welding or cast steel combination. In general, small ore crusher racks are mostly made of cast iron. After years of use, the ore crusher's rack will have localized cracks or deformations, and the various connection holes will also have large holes or roughened through holes. Joyal and everyone talk about the repair of the rack.

The ore crusher frame is a part that is relatively easy to wear, and is prone to fracture problems. The rack cracks of the ore crusher often have a miscellaneous stress concentration site, or the original frame is a site from which a defect is cast. Cracks in the crusher of the ore crusher can be repaired using welding repair methods, and metal buckles can also be used to modify the method.

Because the jaw crusher works when the vibration type is very large, the fretting wear during long-term work, the screw slides, the screw hole wears, the through hole wears, such as the anchor bolt hole, the bearing screw hole, the rack support of the spring pull rod Holes and so on. After these holes are worn out, besides the welding repair, bolt holes can be added to the pad or the screw diameter can be increased to replace the bolt.

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