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Cone crusher installation inspection

2018-04-21 / admin

Cone crusher is a mechanical device that crushes and ores are very common. The cone crusher has a large crushing ratio, and the crusher can be used for the crushing of many different ores. Shanghai Joyal mining machinery to remind users to pay attention to the cone crusher installation and maintenance issues, then cone crusher installation and maintenance should pay attention to what issues. Here Joyal and everyone talk about the installation and overhaul of the cone crusher.

The cone crusher must be installed on a solid reinforced concrete foundation. The depth of the foundation can be determined by the user based on the local geological conditions; in order to avoid the accumulation of ore after crushing, there must be enough space in the lower part of the foundation to install the transportation equipment; Apply dry oil to the fixed contact surface and dilute the oil on the moving surface.

The installation of the eccentric shaft of the cone crusher, the empty eccentric shaft of the cone crusher, the gasket is installed on the bottom cover, the bottom cover is covered with the hook at the bottom of the frame, and then the lower circular plate and the circle The plates are installed on the bottom cover in turn, and the bottom circular plate protrusions and the bottom cover recesses are secured; in order to prevent the cone crusher from being damaged, the top cover must be covered with a guard plate. This piece is used by the user. Prepared.
When installing the cone crusher drive shaft of the cone crusher, gaskets shall be adjusted between the flanges of the base and the drive shaft frame; after the cone crusher drive shaft is installed, check the dimensions related to the transmission gear with the model; The amount of axial movement should be 0.4-0.6mm (that is, the clearance at both ends of B); the driveshaft flange can be used when disassembling the transmission shaft.

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