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gravel mobile crusher in Mining Industry Is Never out of Date

2015-04-10 / admin

Face of such intense competition in every walk of life, if you want a chance to get succeed, you need to strengthen own strength firstly. As to the coal mobile jaw crusher industries, we must take advantage of every opportunity to improve ourselves so that we can work together to create a better home!
Besides the construction industry, sand makers also has a far-reaching impact on other industries, especially in recent years, its role is more and more obvious. Quality requirements are more stringent. In this situation of serious shortage in natural sand, develop new and efficient iron ore mobile cone crusher is required and to be an effective way to solve the shortage of resources– it is worth a try. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as ore beneficiation equipment, mobile rock crusher, Shanghai JOYAL is always doing the best in products and service.
The use of semi-continuous mining technology does not dictate any particular form of excavation machine. Applicable units for feeding a coal mobile impact crusher system might include:
(1) hydraulic shovels,
(2) large front end loaders,
(3) medium-sized rope shovels,
(4) large rope shovels.
All of these styles of equipment are used to load mobile in-pit crushing systems at varying rates. Typically front end loaders are used for rates up to 2000 t/h (Caterpillar Handbook). In those instances where greater capacity than this is required either a hydraulic shovel or a rope shovel may be used.
Currently the largest mobile crushing machines in service are fed directly by large rope shovels (P&H 4100XPB). Large electric rope shovels offer significant economies of scale. A single machine, capable of a continuous capacity of up to 10 000 t/h, operating without replacement for the life of the mine, offers an attractive option for large-scale operations. At the limits of current standard machine operations, the 100 tonne rope shovels are able to mine an 18 m face (P&H 4100XPB). At 10 000 t/h, a mobile crushing machine of this size is readily able to mine up to 44 Mtpa (without a belt wagon) and possibly as much as 50 Mtpa with one.

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