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Crushing Force Is the Basic Parameter of secondary crushing equipment impact

2015-04-17 / admin

Installation of hydraulic cylinder, the screw can lift slowly hydraulic cylinder, can also use crane hydraulic cylinder to lift. Hydraulic cylinder on the friction disc fixed to the moving cone shaft bottom, pending installation of the moving cone fashion into the hydraulic cylinder, the friction plate and friction disc center offset 30mm or so. Oil pipes and hydraulic hoses should be properly protected from the ore washed up. As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as drying equipment, Shanghai JOYAL is always doing the best in products and service.
And install the moving cone and beam together, first install moving cone and beams in a special pit (repair beams and moving cone pit). Then install the entire one in the rack. When Sulfur beam and the moving cone assembly is lifted, lifting beam with wire rope, and never allow lifting spindle top of the rings 1 to avoid lifting rings cannot afford an accident. If the crane capacity allows, the best way is install beams and dynamic cone together and compressing moving cone liner with nut to prevent loosening.
Before compression, in order to prevent rust and remove difficulty, must paint dry oil in a fixed circle (pressure on the pull) and the lower thread. When installing beams and central rack assembly, we should enable the reinforcement of the beams down to the direction of the mine shafts, in order to ensure that the ore evenly fall into mineral industrial mobile jaw crusher machine. Tolerance between beams and the middle rack of gap should be equal and no bigger than 0.5mm. The assembly should be immediately after passing the fixed pin.
In addition, the difference of iron ore mobile cone crusher and mechanical mineral industrial mobile impact crusher at the bottom of the hydraulic cylinder is replaced by the original top of the copper ore jaw crusher suspension and adjustment of the device, so here is the installation by the hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic cylinder sends from the ditch to the base below with a pulley.
ore impact crusher has high on-board chassis, short wheel base and tight turning radius, which is convenient for road transportation, especially for driving to crushing sites that are difficult to access. The set-up time of the portable crushing plant are greatly reduced, compared with the stationary one.

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