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PXG Hammer Mill is shipped to Indonesia

The PXG hammer mill ordered by an Indonesian customer is shipped in a container.The machine is a commonly used equipment for crushing and processing quartz stone. This equipment is widely used in the fine crushing of various medium hardness and solid materials. It is suitable for fine crushing of limestone, calcite, granite, iron ore, bauxite and other materials.
The PXG hammer mill is mainly composed of a revolving part, a guard plate and a box body. The wheel core of the revolving part has multiple non-overlapping hammer holders. The hammer head is fixed on the hammer holder. The width of the hammer head is larger than that of the hammer holder and the wheel hub. The core is composed of several hubs, which are fixed on the main shaft. The two ends of the main shaft of the rotating calcining kiln are supported on the frame with rolling bearing seats. The guard plate is divided into several pieces and fixed on the box body to protect the box body from wear and form different types. The counterattack broken cavity. The box body is divided into upper and lower parts, which are connected by bolts, which is convenient for disassembly, assembly and maintenance.

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