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YGM95 high pressure suspension roller grinder ordered by Shanghai Joyal customer is in the process of delivery

Congratulations to our customers from Malaysia for ordering YGM95 high pressure suspension roller grinder in the loading and ready for shipment. This is a complete limestone grinding line, including jaw crusher, grinder and various supporting facilities. The ygm95 mill can produce 1.1-5.6 tons of stone powder per hour. The finished product can be adjusted between 30-425 mesh, and belongs to a medium-class stone powder processing plant.
This grinding line can not only grind limestone, but also grind more than 400 kinds of non inflammable and explosive materials with humidity less than 6%. Therefore, investment in a grinding line, can grind various stone powder, for various fields of construction. At present, the demand for stone powder is increasing in the market, and the prospect of investment in grinding line is very optimistic.
Our grinding equipment produced by Joyal is not only sold in China, but also sold to various places and countries in the world. No matter how far you are from us, our equipment can be delivered safely. We look forward to your consultation and order.

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