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Shanghai Joyal PF1315 impact crusher with 280KW engine transported to Uzbekistan

Now the PF1315 impact crusher is being loaded and is ready to be transported to Uzbekistan. The stone produced by this customer is mainly supplied to the field of building materials and construction, and has relatively high requirements for the stone particle size. According to his requirements, our staff recommend him to use this pf1315 impact crusher. The stone particle size produced by pf1315 impact crusher is polygonal Cube, good grain shape, discharge particle size can also be adjusted, can save a lot of crushing process. The maximum output of pf1315-270mm per hour can meet the requirements of customers.
Generally, the impact crusher is used as the third crushing process. It can produce stone with good grain size. This kind of stone is very popular in the market, and its price is higher than that of ordinary stone. If the stone you produce is not used in building materials, construction and other important fields, and the requirements for grain size are not high, you can choose the cone crusher, if your stone needs to be used To supply to the construction, or need a counter impact crusher to improve the quality of stone. If you just stepped into the crushing HangYa and don't know anything, you'd better consult our staff before you buy the crusher, and let them know their own ideas. We can also customize the crushing production line for customers, so as to strive for a relatively small investment and obtain relatively large profits for customers.

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