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cone crusher ready for shipping

2019-06-25 / admin
cone crusher ready for shipping
Model: 3.3FT(coarse chamber)
Motor: 110 kw
Capacity: 100-150 tph
The main characteristics of the cone crusher 
1. Great proportion of crushing and high production efficiency
Combining a higher speed and stroke, the nominal power and the passing capacity of the SMH crusher were greatly improved, and the crushing ratio and production efficiency were improved. The hydraulic cone crusher is a perfect combination of crushing stroke, crushing speed and shape of the crushing chamber, which is 35% ~ 60% higher than the output of the old spring cone.
2. Consumable parts consume less and operate at low cost.
The results are reasonable, the crushing principle and the technical parameters are advanced, the operation is reliable and the operating cost is low, all parts of the crusher are resistant to wear, the maintenance cost is minimized and the Overall shelf life can be increased by more than 30%.
3, laminated fracture, excellent grain shape finish 
When using the special crushing cavity designed by the principle of intergranular lamination and the pairing rate, instead of the traditional principle of grinding individual particles, selective grinding of the material is performed, and the proportion of fine material is significantly improved and the cube content of the product. The needle-like material is considerably reduced.
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