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Barite Stone Jaw Crusher

2018-05-25 / admin

Jaw crusher and impact crusher are the same processing machines used for ore crushing. The two crushing equipments have very big differences. For different situations, different ore crushing and processing equipments need to be selected. Today, Shanghai joyal mining machinery and everyone said why Joyal chooses to use a jaw crusher instead of a crusher.

Barite is a chemical mixture rich in barium sulphate. Due to its cesium-containing properties, it is often used in glass, chemical, paper, and drilling industries. The common barite crushers in the market are jaw crushers and impact crushers. However, jaw crushers are actually more suitable for barite crushing than counter crushers. There are many similarities and differences in the jaw crusher. Here Joyal is simple and everyone talks about it.

Jaw crusher and impact crusher both have large crushing ratio and strong production capacity; both belong to the traditional crushing equipment and the technology is relatively mature, so the product size is even and the grain size is better; two crushing processing equipments of joyal .The fuselage is made of high-end durable materials, and high manganese steel is used in the wearable parts. The durability and durability are strong. The two devices are widely used and are widely used in railways, highways, energy, smelting, cement , construction, chemical and other industries.

The difference between Jaw Crusher and Impact Crusher is also very big. The maximum feed particle size 800mm/h for impact crusher is 800t/h; the maximum feed particle size for Jaw Crusher is 1500mm, and the maximum production capacity is 2200t/ h; Impact crusher compressive strength does not exceed 350 MPa; Jaw crusher crushing strength does not exceed 320 MPa. Therefore, the hardness of the broken ore of the two devices is very different.

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