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How is named of impact crusher

2018-05-11 / admin

Impact crusher is one of the commonly used mechanical equipments for ore crushing. The crusher of impact crusher has a large crushing ratio and can be used for the crushing of many different ores. It is very important for ore processing machinery equipment. There are a lot of different models and different names. Shanghai Joyal mining machinery here and we talk about the model name of the impact crusher machine equipment.

The letter PF in front of the impact crusher usually represents the type of equipment. P stands for the crusher and its initial letter, F stands for counterattack. Therefore, the PF combination is the counterattack crusher. The simplified representation symbol is also broken. In this case, for example, the Crusher is a PE, and the hammer is a PC. There are many kinds of names that are named like this. It is easier to understand.
What are the data such as 1007/1010 in the impact crusher? Before understanding the meaning of the numbers Joyal, the mining machinery and equipment manufacturer first came to recognize the counter-attack parts rotor. The rotor consists of a spindle, a turntable, a plate hammer and a plate hammer fixing device. Without a rotor, the impact crusher cannot In normal operation, the rotor as a broken component is an irreplaceable component of counterattacks.

Different types of impact crushers have different rotor sizes, such as PF-1007 rotor size 1000x700, PF-1010 rotor size 1000x1050, and PF-1210 rotor size 1250x1050. By comparing the difference between the reversing type and the size of the rotor, it is easy to see that the nomenclature of the equipment model is determined by the size of the rotor.

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