Powerful crusher is the “strongman” among crushers


Powerful crusher refers to those crushers that can crush hard rocks such as granite, among which jaw crusher and cone crusher are typical. For some hard and large materials, powerful crusher is a good choice for crushing these rocks. The rocks crushed by powerful crusher determine the particle size and quality of sand and gravel on the sand and gravel production line to a certain extent.

The difference from ordinary crusher equipment is that the powerful crusher has large size and different performance from other ordinary crushers, so it has the characteristics of large feed volume and high material hardness. Generally, operators can appropriately increase the size of the powerful crusher discharge port while ensuring the standard particle size and particle shape of the crusher discharge. This is conducive to the discharge of materials, will not cause blockage, and can also increase production, killing two birds with one stone.

What users should pay attention to is that when starting the powerful crusher, they should carefully check the tightness of the connections of each component, as well as the power supply, to ensure the absolute safety of the working environment of the powerful crusher. This can not only keep the powerful crusher machine life longer but also ensure the safety of the employees operating the machine.


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