Why is the sand washing machine used in the artificial sand production line?


The surface of artificial sand particles is rough and angular. The aggregate and cement are well bonded, and the mechanical bite force is high. Therefore, the concrete made of artificial sand is stronger than that made of natural sand. However, the artificial sand here refers to artificial sand that meets the construction standards, not artificial sand that has only been crushed. In the process of stone processing, due to fierce collisions and the fact that the stone itself has a certain amount of soil, the artificial sand will contain a certain amount of stone powder and mud powder. The presence of mud powder will seriously affect the grading of sand. The presence of stone powder can make up for the large gaps, large water demand, and poor fluidity caused by artificial sand in concrete.

In order to solve the problem of powder content in artificial sand, sand washing machines appeared. Following the principle of river sand making, the mud powder in the sand is removed by washing and selecting with a sand washing machine, so that the artificial sand can meet the standards for construction sand. This is the key role of the sand washing machine, which is indispensable in the artificial sand production line.


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