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The ball mill has a wide range of uses. It is used in mining crushing, mineral processing and grinding, etc. The effect of equipping it with other mineral processing equipment is very significant.
We have many types of ball mills, but ball mills and baseball mills are generally used in metal mines. Gravel ball mills and self-ball mills have been increasingly used in China in recent years. The ball mill and baseball mill are a rotating cylinder with hollow shafts at both ends. There are a considerable number of steel rods and steel balls inside the cylinder. When the ore and water are fed into the cylinder from the hollow shaft at one end, they are discharged from the hollow shaft at the other end. When the cylinder rotates at a specified speed, the steel balls and steel rods are together with the ore. Under the action of centrifugal force and friction, they rise to a certain height with the cylinder, and then fall away from the cylinder wall and slide down. Then they rise to the same height with the cylinder, and then fall down periodically, causing the ore to be impacted and grinded to be ground. The ground ore and water form slurry (wet grinding), which is discharged from the hollow shaft at the discharge end to complete the grinding operation.
A customer in Kenya wanted to purchase a ball mill with an output of about 100 tons/hour, and was recommended by a friend to learn about our machine. According to the customer’s production situation and needs, Shanghai Joyal recommended the Ф2700×3600 ball mill for Kenyan users. The feed particle size of the ball mill is ≤25mm, which fully meets the customer’s feed requirements.


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