Inspection of the sand washing machine before work is very important


Stone washing machine equipment What should we do before operating the stone washing sand making machine? First of all, when starting up the stone washing machine sand making machine, we must ensure that the equipment can work normally, and follow the inspection from end to end to ensure that the material discharge is normal, and The connected stone washing machine works normally, the drum screen works normally, the crusher works normally, and there is no abnormality in the feeder. The stone washing sand making machine must be started without load, and then feed materials for production on the premise of ensuring that each machine can work normally. When the stone washing machine is stopped, it can only be stopped after all the feed materials have been output. The feeding particle size must be strictly followed according to the regulations. Materials larger than the specified size must not enter the equipment, otherwise it will cause a certain degree of damage to the sand making machine. If large material particles are found during the work, they must be caught for disposal. When using a stone washing machine sand machine, just pay attention to the above points. Only by following the operating rules of the sand making machine can the service life of the sand making equipment, the quality of the finished sand produced, and even the personal safety of the sand making machine be ensured. Safety and economic losses.


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