Ultrafine grinding machine model specifications_pictures and prices


Ultra-fine grinding mill is also called ultra-fine grinding mill. It is basically similar to other types of grinding mills. Its grinding product has finer particle size. It can be used for multiple purposes and has low operating cost. Regarding the ultra-fine grinding machine model specifications, Prices and other related content are detailed here.
Ultra-fine grinding mill is a kind of crushing and processing equipment for fine powder and ultra-fine powder. It is suitable for non-flammable and explosive non-metallic materials with medium and low hardness, humidity less than 6%, and Mohs hardness below level 9, such as Calcite, potash feldspar, limestone, dolomite, kaolin, gypsum, etc., the output is 0.4-40 tons per hour, the feed particle size is <40mm, the finished product particle size is 325-2500 mesh (0.044-0.005mm), there are many models to choose from, The specific model specifications of ultra-fine grinding mill are as follows.

ModelRing Diameter (mm)Ring Numbers (layer)Roller Numbers (piece)Main Shaft Speed (r.p.m)Input Size (mm)Output Size (mm/mesh)Capacity (t/h)Overall Dimension (L*W*H,m)
ZYM808001+220 (6+7*2)230-240≤100.074-0.005
ZYM909003+129 (3*7+8)200-220≤100.074-0.005
ZYM10010002+228  (6*2+8*2)180-200≤150.074-0.005
ZYM12512502+232 (7*2+9*2)135-155≤150.1-0.006
ZYM16816802+244 (10*2+12*2)120-130≤200.1-0.009

Since there are more and more grinding machines on the market now, and different manufacturers have different prices. The quality of the grinding mills produced by each manufacturer is different, as are the equipment models, technologies, regions, etc. These are the main factors that cause the prices of grinding mills to vary. These factors result in the price of grinding mills ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands or millions.
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