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How to recycle construction waste into resources


The rapid development of construction projects has caused an increasing amount of construction waste, which has troubled the healthy development of society. In order to promote the continuous progress of the city and protect the natural ecological environment, effective measures should be taken to strengthen the resource treatment of construction waste and reduce environmental pollution. How can we recycle construction waste and reduce the use of non-renewable natural resources?

Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a mining equipment company. The machinery and equipment developed and produced by its factories lead the world trend. The jaw crusher in the crushing equipment series has a large crushing ratio, uniform product particle size, reliable operation, and low energy consumption, which greatly reduces equipment operating costs. Under the same energy consumption, the output of grinding equipment can be increased by 2 to 8 times. The internal structure design is reasonable and the utilization rate of wearing parts is improved, which is in line with the green and environmentally friendly production concept. The mobile crushing station can crush construction waste on-site and transform it into new building materials on-site. The processing of construction waste also saves transportation costs and dust and dirt pollution caused by the transportation process, which can not only reduce environmental pollution but also recycle construction waste.


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