Guangxi customers inspected the marble ultra-fine grinding production line and placed orders directly.


Recently, Shanghai Joyal manufacturer has welcomed several customers from Guangxi. The purpose of this visit is to purchase an ultra-fine grinding production line to supply marble powder for use in architectural coatings, additives in the smelting industry, stone papermaking, rubber industry and other industries. .
After visiting the exhibition hall, Manager Liu took the customer to our grinding mill production workshop. Taking the grinding roller and grinding ring as examples, he introduced the wearing parts of the ultra-fine grinding mill to the customer in detail, as well as the easy-to-use parts. What are the maintenance methods and usage techniques for damaged parts?

During the entire communication and introduction process, the customers expressed their appreciation for the services of our technicians and were very interested in our company’s equipment. After discussion, they reached a cooperative relationship with us on the spot.
Because marble is relatively hard in texture, there are not many equipments that can process marble to a mesh size of more than 800. The ultra-fine grinding mill can process more than 100 kinds of ore materials with Mohs hardness not greater than 6 for ultra-fine powder processing, and the product fineness can be freely adjusted between 300-2500. Marble is also a category that can be ground by an ultra-fine grinding mill. Therefore, if you want to process marble to more than 800 mesh, an ultra-fine grinding mill is fully capable.


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