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What are the 100 mesh fine powder mills?


Different types of mills not only have different capacities, different properties of materials they can process, but also different fineness of finished products, and different fineness powders have different applications. So among the many types of mills, which type of mill can grind stones into 100-mesh fine powder?

  1. Raymond mill
    The equipment is mainly composed of host, fan, analysis machine and pipeline dust removal system. It is widely used in the grinding of mineral materials in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining and other fields. It can grind stone into powder with a fineness of 80-325 mesh in the production of stone grinding, which can meet the production requirements of 100 mesh fine powder.
  2. High pressure mill
    In stone mill production, this machine can process powders of two finenesses, one is 80-425 mesh, and the other is 30-80 mesh. Moreover, in stone grinding production, this machine has the advantages of strong wear resistance, strong bearing capacity, and good environmental protection performance, and has been well applied.
  3. Ball mill
    Different from the above two mills, this ball mill is strictly speaking a beneficiation and milling equipment. It is mostly used for grinding and milling some high-hardness materials. The output is 150-250 mesh, and it supports dry and wet grinding.

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