How to install the hammer crusher correctly


The first is the hammer crusher bearing assembly, one is deep groove ball bearings, and the other is self-aligning ball bearings. These two kinds of bearings can meet the high-speed operation of the crusher, but attention must be paid to adjusting the clearance of the bearings during assembly. Normal working clearance is a prerequisite for the normal operation of the bearings. If the clearance is too small, the wear will increase and the bearing will be damaged prematurely; if the clearance is too large, the centering will be poor and the unbalanced moment will increase.

Secondly, the static balance of the hammer crusher assembly. The hammer crusher is a high-speed equipment, and the impact load is large when the machine is running. It needs to be centered on the center of the frame, and the static balance of the main shaft assembly and the fuselage is not in place. The lighter ones will cause the bearing to heat up, increase the wear and tear, reduce the service life, and increase the noise and vibration of the machine; the severe ones may even cause safety accidents. Therefore, the static balance test must be carried out before the hammer crusher leaves the factory to ensure the static balance of the rotor parts and the whole machine.

Then there is the gap adjustment between the hammer crushers. When the crusher is assembled, the symmetry of the rotor relative to the center of the box should be ensured, and the position of the bearing chamber should be fixed after aligning with the center line. The stuffing is serious, causing the bearing to heat up until it is damaged. In severe cases, the motor is burned out due to the increase in load and the sharp increase in current.
The last is the inspection of castings. The main stress-bearing parts of the hammer crusher, such as partitions, hammer heads, and hammer handles, are all castings. Pay special attention to careful inspection during assembly. Casting defects should be scrapped.


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