Where is the spiral sand washing machine?


The spiral sand washing machine is used in the stone production line. It is a sand and gravel cleaning equipment designed and produced in conjunction with the sand making machine. With its sealed novel structure and reliable operation status, it has attracted the attention of investment customers. Is the sand machine okay? What’s so good about it?
The spiral sand washing machine can process stones less than or equal to 30mm in size. It mainly uses the different particle sizes and densities of the materials and the different sedimentation speeds in the fluid to clean and process the materials. During the operation of the equipment, the sedimentation speed of the particles with fine particle size and low density is slow, and the sedimentation speed of particles with large particle size and high density is fast. Through this characteristic, dust, impurities and sand can be effectively separated, and under the uniform agitation of the spiral blade , to achieve the purpose of filtering water and removing impurities.

Where is the “good” of the spiral sand washing machine?
The advantages of the spiral sand washing machine are its large processing capacity and clean sand, which is more suitable for the washing of materials with large output or materials with high impurity content; the structure is simple and reasonable, and the manufacturing materials are good, ensuring that each part is stronger and more durable. , long life, low failure, less maintenance; multiple functions, the equipment has three functions of cleaning, dehydration, and grading; when working, driven by the impeller, the sand and gravel grind each other to remove impurities covering the surface of the sand and gravel, and at the same time destroy Cover the water vapor layer of the sand, and complete the cleaning and impurity removal function under the powerful water flow.


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