4Rollers mill delivery to Syria


4Rollers mill delivery to Syria .The YGM series Raymond mill of Shanghai Zoya Mining Machinery has strong adaptability to materials, the fineness of the finished product can be adjusted between 80-400 mesh, and the output can be 30%-40% higher than that of the traditional Raymond mill. , suitable for non-metallic minerals such as limestone, bauxite, calcite, feldspar, activated carbon, barite, fluorite, ilmenite, phosphate rock, and clay.

4Rollers mill delivery to Syria .Many users are very concerned about the price of white ash mill. How much does it cost to buy a white ash mill? Let me know about the white ash grinder first. Although there are many manufacturers of white ash mills on the market, the prices are different and the quality is also different. The specific price is subject to the quotation of each merchant.


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