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400tph stone production is being installed

The 400tph stone crushing plant ordered by the customer is being installed, and the installation is now almost complete. Faced with so many types of crushers, how do users choose a stone production line that suits them? When configuring the stone production line, we can start from the following aspects:

Raw materials: The crushers used for different stones are different, such as pebbles, granite, quartz stone and other high-hardness stones, such as jaw breaking equipment will be more wear-resistant. If it is limestone, gypsum, coal gangue and other low-hardness stones, generally use counter-breaking, hammering, and impact breaking equipment. Capacity: capacity is a key indicator of our stone production line. Different types of machines can be configured with different output requirements.
In addition, users also need to consider budget cost and machine quality. If you want more information, please feel free to contact us.

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