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The jaw crusher + cone crusher ordered by customers in South America has arrived at the production site

Congratulations to the friends from South America for successfully receiving our Shanghai Joyal jaw crusher and cone crusher, which have been uninstalled and are ready for installation. The two crushers ordered by this customer are mainly used to crush basalt. The hardness of basalt is relatively high compared with other ores, and the silicon content in it is also high. It is a material that is more difficult to crush, and it also consumes the crushing equipment. It is very high, so to choose a more wear-resistant crushing equipment to crush basalt, not only the wear resistance of the vulnerable parts of the crusher must be considered, but also the investment cost of the production line.
Because it is difficult to crush basalt, the loss of using a general crusher will be very high. Frequent replacement of the jaws will increase the production cost. Therefore, it is recommended to use the crushing equipment of the lamination principle, which can greatly reduce the wear of wear parts. The customer chooses this jaw The type crusher + spring cone crusher adopts the lamination principle, so when crushing basalt, the wear of the wear-resistant parts will be greatly reduced, and the production cost will be greatly reduced. However, the principle of lamination also has its drawbacks, that is, the crushed stone particles are not very good, mainly needle-shaped stones. The price of such stones in the market is relatively low. If you are concerned about the produced stone particles If there are requirements for the type, you can buy another impact crusher. The impact crusher can produce multi-sided cubic stones. The price of such stones in the market will be relatively higher. Generally, this type of stone will be used for comparison. Important place.
If the location of the stone you supply is not very important and there is no requirement for the size of the stone, then you can use a jaw crusher + spring cone crusher. Therefore, when choosing a crusher, tell our staff what kind of stone you are mainly used to produce. The raw materials are different and the crushing equipment used is different. Don't make your own claim. It will not only increase investment costs, but also delay time.

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