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The pe600 * 900 jaw crusher + GZD vibrating feeder ordered by the customer has been delivered

The pe600 * 900 jaw crusher + feeder + all kinds of accessories ordered by our customer friends in Shanghai Joyal have completed production on time and are being loaded for delivery.
The basic parameters of pe600 * 900 jaw crusher are as follows:
Maximum side length of feed: 480mm
Outlet adjustable range: 65-160mm
Production capacity: 60-140t / h
Motor power: 55-75kw
The basic parameters of gzd-960*3800 vibrating feeder are as follows:
Maximum side length of feed: 500mm
Production capacity: 120-210t / h
Motor power: 11kw
In terms of production capacity, this crusher belongs to medium-sized crusher, which can basically meet the requirements of many customers in terms of production capacity. More customers order this crusher. There are many types of jaw crushers produced by Shanghai Joyal. The minimum output is 1-3 tons per hour, and the maximum output is 250-800 tons per hour. Mainly for coarse crushing and medium crushing, the crushing compressive strength can reach 320MPa. If the humidity of your material is relatively high, it is not recommended to put it into production, which will greatly affect the production capacity and is not friendly to the crushing equipment. In the use of jaw crusher, the most easy to wear is the jaw plate, usually a pair of jaw plate is used once or twice a year is very normal.
The service life of the jaw plate will also be affected by the hardness of the broken materials. The jaw plate of jaw crusher produced by Shanghai Joyal factory is made of high wear-resistant and high manganese steel, which is much more wear-resistant than ordinary steel. It is a typical wear-resistant steel and a better choice for jaw plate material.
If you also want to order our crushing equipment, please contact our staff to let us know your specific needs and customize it for you.

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