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Vibrating screen with 3layers shipped

Vibrating screen 6000x1800mm(20'x6') with 3layers shipped to Ethiopia. The sand-stone vibrating screen can be used in a single layer, or in multiple layers to screen different specifications of granular and small solid materials, which can be said to be dedicated to the quarry , Designed by the work of the concentrator.
Main features of sand vibrating screen
1. The entire equipment is composed of a body, a vibration device, a base and a transmission device, and each department uses a soft link, so that the impact on the body is weakened when feeding, and the service life of the equipment is prolonged.
2. The advantage of being able to be used in multiple layers is that the equipment can screen a variety of materials of different specifications at the same time, and it is beneficial to control the sieving weight, and the overall performance is very efficient.
3. This machine can classify various block and granular materials, and its applicability to materials is quite high.
4. The screen body designed by our company uses flexible links, so that the material will not easily block the screen, and the operation is stable and reliable.

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