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Company News

Mobile Impact Crusher finally arrived Guatemala

2019-11-27 / admin
Mobile Impact Crusher finally arrived #Guatemala
# PF1214 # 80-120TPH
Application advantages of mobile crushing station
1. Good mobility. It can be directly penetrated into the working site, which is suitable for ordinary road driving and easy to move in rough and rough road environment.
2. Compact structure and easy to use. The integrated vehicle-mounted equipment greatly saves space. Comes with a vehicle-mounted generator set, motor and control box, which is convenient for field operations; supporting vehicle-mounted support equipment makes field presence convenient and quick.
3. Save costs and reduce costs. The mobile crushing station can crush the material on site, avoiding the material turnover link, and greatly reducing the transportation cost of the material.
4. Higher applicability. The mobile crushing station can not only operate independently as a single unit, but also can be combined into a coarse crushing, fine crushing two-stage crushing and screening system, and a coarse crushing, medium crushing, and fine crushing three-stage crushing and screening system; Sieve the system first.
5. Stable performance and easy maintenance. The mobile crushing station is equipped with Shanghai Zhuoya's superior performance crusher, feeder and vibrating screen, which has stable performance and convenient maintenance. The material transportation is equipped with a conventional belt conveyor, which is simple to operate, mature in technology, low in investment and high in revenue.
6. Flexible configuration. The mobile crushing station can be specially customized according to the requirements of the customer's work site, materials, and grain shape, etc., to provide customers with more suitable equipment for production needs, such as: stand-alone type, multi-product combination type, belt conveyor self-loading type .
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