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Ball mill 1500x3000 delivered again

Ball mill 1500x3000 delivered again 
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The ball mill is the key equipment for grinding the material after it has been broken.
 So how do you perform maintenance?
1. Too little or too much ball mill ball ball will affect the output of the equipment. Therefore, the ball mill ball should be regularly added with appropriate steel balls to maintain the optimal ball load of the ball mill. And after a period of operation, all steel balls should be selected and replaced with new balls to ensure the effectiveness of the ball mill.
2. Due to the test, excessive limestone particles will bring extra burden to the ball mill, and some large limestone particles are not easily crushed by the steel ball, which will cause the ball mill output to decrease and power consumption to increase, so it should be guaranteed to enter the ball mill. The limestone particle size is below the maximum particle size of the design. During the production and feeding process, it is found that the material that is too large and not easily broken should stop feeding or stop immediately to prevent damage to the ball mill.
3. During the operation of the ball mill, wear will occur, and the weight and diameter of the ball will be continuously reduced. Therefore, new balls should be added regularly to maintain a certain amount of steel ball load. Generally, the large diameter ball is added, and the ball filling amount should be determined according to the steel ball wear rate and the amount of coal.

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