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Selection skills of vibrating screen


The vibrating screen has a wide range of applications, not only for screening materials of various particle sizes, but also for desliming, dehydration, etc. Moreover, the screening efficiency is very high, as high as more than 95%, so most stone factories will choose vibrating screens for screening. Several commonly used vibrating screens are circular vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen, heavy vibrating screen and so on.

The main factors that should be considered in selecting the type of screening machine are:

The characteristics of the sieved material (the content of the size of the material under the sieve, the content of the size of the difficult-to-sieve particles, the content of moisture and clay in the material, the shape of the material, the specific gravity of the material, etc.);

The structure of the sieving machine (screen area, number of sieve layers, sieve hole size and shape, sieve hole area ratio, sieve machine movement mode, amplitude and frequency, etc.);

Requirements of beneficiation process (processing capacity, screening efficiency, screening method, screening machine inclination), etc.


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