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stone crushing plant under installation


The stone crushing plant produced by Joyal Machinery is being installed.The crusher is usually installed on the cement foundation. Due to the large vibration of the crusher, the foundation of the crusher needs to be isolated from the foundation of the factory. When assembling the crusher, the frame of the crusher needs to be installed on the foundation first, and then Install the other components in sequence.

stone crushing plant under installation.When installing the crusher frame, some things that can absorb vibration should be placed between the frame and the concrete, such as: hardwood, rubber, etc. The horizontal and vertical horizontality of the frame installed on the foundation or on the wooden seat need to meet Equipment installation requirements. When installing the rack, the horizontal and vertical horizontality of it placed on the foundation should be less than 0.2mm, so as to ensure that the subsequent installation error does not exceed the installation requirements of the equipment


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